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M.  F a t i h   C a n, MD, FACS, FEBS (HPB)

Professor of Surgery

"Every patient has the right to be informed, prior to undergoing surgery, by his/her attending surgeon of treatment options and the expected benefits and risks of the operation that he/she is being scheduled to undergo. Informed consent of the patient is prerequisite; however, a patient who is highly motivated to have the operation is an ideal surgical patient."

M. Fatih Can, M.D.


"Surgeons are qualified to the extent that they keep in mind that the thing on which they are working is a human being, that they show empathy without getting emotional, that they devote their energy and time to doing their job in the light of current scientific evidence."

M. Fatih Can, M.D.


"Surgery is not only a science and an art but also a risk management. Obtaining the optimal benefit depends on the extent to which the patient, the patient's family, the attending surgeon, and the hospital serving the patient trust and support each other, and act in a timely manner."

M. Fatih Can, M.D.






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